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MCA Code Compliance Surveys

North East Yacht Surveys offer you a way to make your MCA code Inspection stress free and efficient, so you don't waste time on this essential bit of "red tape".

As soon as you request a code inspection we will send you a copy of the actual form we use for the RYA or MECAL so you can be sure in advance that everything is present and correct for the code inspection.

These forms contain a fair amount of jargon which may be new to you so if you have any questions about them please phone or email us in advance so we don't have to mess you about finding bits of equipment or paperwork on "the day". Don't forget we are there to help you, not to catch you out.

For clients new to coding we strongly advise a pre-inspection visit. We will check that the vessel is fit for purpose, go through the code form with you exactly as for the inspection, and produce a straightforward list of 'things to do and items to buy' in order to assure your success. There is usually a charge of around £ 250 for this service, but clients find it invaluable as it puts their minds at rest. It also avoids the disappointment of a failed inspection and the cost of subsequent visits.

On the day of the inspection we must see all the paperwork including safety equipment certificates, and operate all the equipment itemised on the SCV2 form. We will certainly want to see the old SCV2 and stability data if applicable, and all safety equipment, fire extinguishers, life rafts, etc, please don't say something is in the garage or in the file at home !! It also speeds things up if the required equipment is laid out or readily available for inspection.

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